If you are ready to take the step of getting married, the two of you will have to take your future decisions together and this means considering your partner’s health seriously. Amidst the euphoria of building a new life together, many couples may forget that reproductive and sexual health are important in order to start a family.

It is always good to do a fertility test when you are considering marriage. This is to avoid any sort of emotional stress or surprises that can be associated with fertility. You and your partner should both get tested as men too can be liable for infertility cases. Fertility tests can include hormonal tests, semen analysis and pelvic ultrasound scans. The scan is to determine the state of the reproductive organs.

Couples can also check for lifelong infections including Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B and Herpes. There are also curable infections like syphilis, yeast infections, gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Statistics indicate that most young people who are infected with STI are not aware of their condition. The tests will determine if everything is in order. If not, you and your partner should take measures to ensure you are both protected, and the best andrologist in Dubai will help reduce the risk of miscarriages and infertility in the future.

It is important to know your partner’s blood group. Understanding your blood groups and having prior knowledge can help prevent incompatibility problems during pregnancy.

It is also good to determine your genotypes to avoid having a baby with sickle cell disease. This is a lifelong and serious health condition linked to defects in red blood cells. You and your partner can be AA genotype which means you don’t have to worry about anything, however, people who are AS genotypes are carriers of this gene, and in the case of both partners being of this genotype can lead to an increased risk of having a baby with SS genotype.

Many people suffer from chronic medical conditions, however, this doesn’t mean that you cannot get married and have a healthy child. But, being prepared and arming yourself with knowledge will give you a better chance at experiencing a healthy pregnancy. Test for conditions like high blood pressure, kidney disease and diabetes and if necessary make lifestyle changes.

It is better to be aware of your sexual health and reproductive status before marriage. You will have less on your plate to worry about when it comes to your big day.