If you’ve experienced the problem of kidney stones in the past you probably remember the incident vividly. The pain is unbearable until the tiny stone has passed through the urinary tract. For many patients, a kidney stone doesn’t stop being a one-time thing. It can occur numerous times making it a chronic condition.

When chemicals become concentrated in the urine and form crystals, it can result in kidney stones. The crystals grow into mass stones and get into the urinary tract. The stones can get stuck and block the flow of urine which results in pain. Here are some home remedies on how to prevent kidney stones.

Drink lot of water

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. The extra water dilutes the substances that can lead to these crystal concentrations. If you take calcium regularly, make sure it is the appropriate dosage for your age. It is best that your intake of calcium comes from food rather than through medication or supplements.

Decrease in sodium filled diet

A diet filled with sodium can trigger kidney stones because of the number of calcium increases in the urine. If you are prone to kidney stones, doctors usually recommend a low-sodium diet. Current guidelines for daily sodium intake are limited to 2,300mg. However, if you’ve experienced kidney stones in the past it is best to cut down your level of sodium intake to 1,500mg.

Go easy on red meat and poultry

Consuming too much poultry, red meat, seafood, and eggs can increase the level of uric acid that can also result in kidney stones. A high-protein diet will reduce the levels of citrate; this is a chemical that will help prevent the forming of stones.

Other foods you should avoid

Avoid other stone forming foods which include the likes of spinach, chocolate, beets, rhubarb, tea and even nuts which can contribute to kidney stone formation. These foods may be enjoyable, however, your doctor would advise you to incorporate them into your diet in smaller amounts.