As people are bombarded with work, it can get extremely difficult to take care of their health. We are living systematic lives that we make our career or business our priority, that what we always tend to forget that our body is our support system. Without this support, we might not be able to function and deliver in our respective jobs. At times, even if people are sick, they push themselves to go to work. This kind of negligence often costs more.

For instance, even if many people have acute pain in their belly or back region, people choose not to bother as they are preoccupied with other priorities without knowing that the acute pain could lead to a formation of kidney stones. This blog is going to briefly inform on the five major symptoms that could be due to kidney stones.

Studies have shown that more than 850 million people in the world are victims of kidney stones. The only difference among these people is that some treat it during its early stages while others ignore the symptoms and suffer in the later stages.

One of the most common symptoms that could lead to kidney stones is the constant pain in the middle and side sections of the belly or even in the back. One of the stones start to move from the narrow ureter, causing the tremendous pain in the belly and back area. The pain is also due to the blockage and pressure that is instilled as the stone moves.

The second symptom is a burning sensation while urinating. As one of the stones reach the narrow junction between the ureter and bladder, you will experience a lot of pain while urinating. However, this symptom could also indicate a urinary infection as well.

Another symptom is the presence of blood while urinating. This is commonly known as hematuria. When people have urinary tract stones, they release blood while urinating. The blood can be in red, pink or brown colour. Sometimes, you might not be able to see the blood cells as they are microscopic in nature, however, once you get tested, the doctor will be able to identify the blood cells.

The last symptom is feeling nauseous and dizzy. Sometimes, people feel a strong sensation to vomit when they have kidney stones. This happens as the kidney and the GI tract share a nerve connection. Additionally, the need to vomit could also be a responsive symptom to the intense pain in the stomach.

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