Reproductive health is a very sensitive topic among young men. While they don’t regard it as part of their general health, even issues that need attention are overlooked due to embarrassment or other emotional judgements surrounding the matter.

For instance, it is usual for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction to feel mentally stressed and emotionally vulnerable. This takes a bigger toll on younger men under the age of 50. Instead of getting their condition diagnosed or opting for a good erectile dysfunction treatment, they tend to hide it away like every other problem in their life.

In this blog, we will take a look at the common risk factors and the need for getting appropriate erectile dysfunction treatments at the right time.


Prevalence of erectile dysfunction in younger men

Erectile dysfunction is more or less a common occurrence as men age. Global health statistics suggest that approximately 50% of men in their 50s and around 60% of men in their 60s have mild to moderate cases of ED.


However, a 2013 study published in a widely read medical journal suggested that ED has started affecting younger men just as much as older men. The study further revealed that around 26% of adult men under the age are now suffering from the condition globally, with more than half of this count suffering from severe cases of the condition.


So what are the common risk factors that has lead to this situation. Let’s take a look-



  • Physical causes of ED


Sometimes, ED can be an indication of other physical and psychological issues. Early detection of these issues will help treat the underlying causes, which will cure the dysfunction.


  • Heart issues


Clogged arteries known as atherosclerosis can lead to ED. As an erection occurs with healthy blood circulation, any heart related issues can pave for the dysfunction.


  • Diabetes


Early onset of diabetes can cause ED in young men. Due to high levels of blood glucose levels, the blood vessels may get damaged, reducing blood supply to the penis.


  • Hormonal disorders


Hormonal variations and disorders like low testosterone levels can contribute to erectile dysfunction. Similarly, thyroid level variations can also cause ED. Apart from these, young men who use steroids to help build their muscle mass are also at greater risk of developing this condition.


  • Obesity


Overweight or obesity can lead to diabetes or hypertension, which inturn can cause erectile dysfunction in young men.


  • Psychological causes


Stress, depression and anxiety are some of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. Depression can cause withdrawal from life in general, including low libido.


Erectile dysfunction treatments

Our Urologist can suggest erectile dysfunction treatments depending upon the underlying reason for the condition. For Organic causes of erectile dysfunction, there are various new treatments that Dr Shawket can recommend according to your condition. These can be shockwave therapy sessions or Priapus shot also known as P shot. On the other hand, the patient is referred for clinical counselling services if he is suffering from psychological factors.

It is recommended that men suffering from the condition must get erectile dysfunction treatments or medication for underlying reasons at the earliest. Consult with our urology expert for early diagnosis and treatments.