Penile injection therapy is a safe and effective procedure that guarantees immediate results. The treatment involves the use of a medication, known as alprostadil, that is injected into the base of your penis. The medicine causes blood vessels in the penis to loosen up and boosts blood into the shaft, leading to a better erection.

This treatment is used to treat erectile dysfunction amongst many other medical conditions in men so that they can engage in sexual activities with confidence. You can consult with your andrologist to learn if penile injection therapy is the best fit mode of treatment for your problems.

Effectiveness Of The Treatment

The medicine has a success rate of 85% for a majority of the male population and produces an erection firm enough to engage in sexual intercourse. The injectable method is the fastest because it leads to an erection within 5 to 15 minutes after being injected in your bloodstream. The erection produced from this method lasts for up to 30 minutes in length.

How Is The Treatment Managed?

Penile injection therapy should always be carried out under the careful eye of your andrologist. The first dose of injection is primarily done by the doctor in order to determine the body’s response towards the medication. Moreover, patients need to be trained in applying the injections because there is a certain technique required in penile injections.

Through the training sessions with the doctor, you can master the technique while the andrologist can determine the exact dose that works for your body. Patients are instructed to avoid using the injection more than 3 times per week and 12 times a month. In addition, the exact dosage should be given at regular intervals in order to maximize the results. After the training, patients are expected to self-inject themselves every time they wish to partake in sexual activities.

Potential Side Effects

A majority of the time, the only concerning aspect about penile injection therapy is priapism or an erection that lasts for longer than normal. It can be avoided through careful administration of the medicine via the injection. There are certain side effects that would require immediate help from a doctor, such as:

Bruising: If you spot bruising on the site where the injection was applied, you can press your fingers on the bruised area for about three to six minutes. The severity of the symptom is low but you can benefit from a medical professional’s help.

Pain: You might experience pain in your penis and it most often occurs in men with diabetes. While not common, men who use alprostadil in their injection are most likely to experience pain and can be treated through radical prostatectomy surgery.

Swelling: The injected area can appear swollen along with swelling in your penis. The former is due to a poor technique of administering the injection while the latter is caused by medicine that leaks into the skin.

Dr. Shawket Alkhayal, a skilled andrologist can guide you towards perfecting the technique for penile injection therapy with his high expertise and experience. Schedule an appointment today to gain benefits from the unique therapy.