Congenital penile curvature is a birth defect and it becomes prominent during puberty. Due to developmental problems in the fetus, congenital penile curvature can be formed in male newborns. If one side of the penis is bigger in size than the other, then it leads to a curved penis. The curvature can either be towards the side, up or down and can also be a mixture of two. You should consult an andrologist to find out how you can treat your case in an optimal manner.


During adulthood, a curved penis can cause pain for some men during intercourse, as well as to the partner. This is due to the extreme angle of the curvature that can cause difficulty during coitus. As a result, males might not be able to form an erection as needed. A congenital penile curvature can lead to insecurity in men due to the unusual appearance of their penis and cause them to avoid sexual activities altogether.


There are minor cases as well when the penis is not curved at a severe angle. In this case, it can be treated through platelet-rich plasma injections or penile traction devices that can help improve erection. However, there are instances when the penis is curved to an extensive degree and surgery is most likely the only viable option left.

Surgery is known to result in some complications and hence a new technique was developed called STAGE, also known as Superficial Tunica Albuginea Geometric-Based Excision. This procedure utilizes the rules of geometry in order to fix the shape of the penis. The STAGE treatments have a high success rate of 98% and are known to enhance the sexual aspects of your body.

Prior to the surgery, the patient is given a sedative and then the penis is degloved. (the process of removing the skin in order to reveal the tissue inside) Afterward, STAGE follows 4 steps to achieve successful results. The first being doctors using the law of geometry to determine the area of the penis where it curves at the maximum angle.

Then, surgeons reposition the neurovascular bundle, composed of tissues that comprise nerves in the penis. This method provides a way to view the outermost layer of the covering that encloses the tissue, also known as the tunica albuginea. Three minor excisions are made in the area where the penis is curved.

In step 3, the site of excision is stitched close using dissolvable stitches that dissolve naturally with time. Step 4 consists of repeating the first three steps repeatedly until the penis has been relieved of the extreme curvature.

Results & Aftercare

After the surgery, there are very fewer chances of the curvature appearing again which is bound to keep patients immensely satisfied with the results. Pain during intercourse also reduces significantly for men and their significant other.

Additionally, men experience greater confidence in their sexual performance and in turn create stronger relationships. The STAGE technique offers zero complications during the surgery and requires minimal aftercare other than physical therapy and stretching the area where the surgery was performed.

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