Infertility and inability to conceive can be quite disheartening for a couple. However, modern medical science has progressed so much that with the right treatment, underlying issues can be treated effectively. Any couple who is unable to conceive a child after a year of actively trying can visit the best urology doctors in the country and look at their treatment options.

Modern lifestyle has often led men to suffer from infertility issues. Apart from lifestyle-induced infertility, some men are also more at risk of sterility than others due to certain risk factors. Whatever the medical reasoning is, it all comes down to the fact that men need to get the right diagnosis and treatment for infertility just as much as the women. By overcoming the social stigma and understanding the need and importance of infertility treatments, men and women can overcome their condition to conceive a healthy child.

While going in for a consultation and moving forward with treatments are all necessary and in most cases effective, the most important thing a couple must do is to stay mentally strong throughout the period.

In this blog, we will discuss how our urology doctor in Dubai can help you understand your situation and get the right treatments to set things right. 

Diagnosing Male Infertility

Similar to female infertility, male infertility can also be effectively diagnosed and treated. Most urology doctors start off with a physical examination of the male genitalia, followed by questions regarding health issues, chronic inherited diseases, injuries, surgeries and old illnesses that could have potentially lead to such a situation. 

The next step is to go for a semen analysis, where the patient’s semen is collected and sent to the laboratory. The laboratory tests will check for sperm count, morphology or abnormalities in its shape and mobility of the sperm. The lab technicians will also check for infections in the semen. In most cases, these tests are done over a period of time to ensure that the issues are not long-lasting.

Treatment And Pregnancy

Once your test results are ready, the consultant urology doctor will be able to recommend the right treatment plan to treat the condition. For instance, vitamin supplements with folic acid and zinc can help improve the sperm count in men. Similarly, for men with abnormal hormone levels, the urology doctor will recommend hormone treatment. 

In some cases, men with mild to moderate infertility are recommended to go for assisted reproduction techniques, which increases the couple’s chances to conceive. In any case, infertility in men requires medical treatments and lifestyle changes to help improve the condition and proceed with family planning.