Erectile dysfunction is a condition that a lot of men suffer from. Although men with a history of hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes, and vascular diseases are at higher risk of ED, lifestyle factors like smoking and obesity can also contribute to this condition. 

Sometimes, ED can occur as a result of andropause, which is the male version of menopause, leading to a decrease in testosterone levels. 

Erectile dysfunction can impact a man’s life in many ways. Apart from the physical difficulties, it may often lead to low-self esteem, high anxiety, increased stress and in extreme situations, even to depression.

By identifying the underlying condition, our urologist recommends several ED treatment options to the patients. However, one of the most effective one among them is the Priapus Shot or P-Shot, which is a natural way of treating the issue. 

The P-Shot is a revolutionary method in which many of the symptoms of sexual dysfunction can be effectively managed by increasing the blood flow to the penis and thereby getting a natural erection without the need for implants or unnecessary medications.

Understanding P-Shot

P-Shot is a non-surgical erectile dysfunction treatment method in which an injection is derived using platelet-rich-plasma or PRP harvested from the patient’s blood. This plasma is highly rich in growth factors that are normally involved in cell regeneration and repair. 

The P-shot is directly re-injected back into the patient’s penis, to help regenerate and rejuvenate the blood vessels in the region. As a result, the patient will see a visible difference in his erection and sexual wellness.

The P-Shot promises changes like increased blood flow, sustainable erections, improved stamina, change in the size of the penis and reduced refractory periods. This, in turn, will help the patient feel confident and more comfortable in his sexual performances.

P-Shot can be considered as a type of stem cell therapy where the body’s growth factors are collected and used to target a particular region. The growth factors in PRP can repair the existing blood vessels and stimulate the production of new ones, thereby supporting the erectile function.

What to expect during and after the procedure

The P-Shot procedure begins with a blood draw, after which the growth factors are isolated from the blood in a centrifuge and concentrated into the platelet-rich-plasma (PRP). This PRP is then injected into the penis after numbing the area with a topical cream. The procedure takes about 20 minutes in total with zero downtime.

The results of the P-Shot can last up to one year. Sometimes our urologist combines this procedure along with other erectile dysfunction treatments like Shockwave therapy or testosterone replacement therapy for faster and long term results. 

The P-Shot is an ideal solution for men looking for an alternative to oral medications that come with harmful side effects. As the injection is derived from the patient’s growth factors, the treatment will not hinder his other health conditions including hypertension, diabetes or heart diseases.

If you are concerned about your sexual and reproductive health and seek expert advice on the matter, consult with our urologist in Dubai. Find effective solutions to your issues with innovative erectile dysfunction treatment methods like the P-shot.