Being born healthy is a blessing. However, some individuals are born with physical abnormalities which are called birth defects/deformity. Urologists in Dubai recognize congenital penile curvature as one such penile deformity which is seen right from birth. However, unlike most other abnormalities, the penile curvature becomes evident only during puberty.


When one side of the penis is larger or more elastic than the other, it causes the penis to curve to one side on erection. This penis may show a sideward curvature, an upward or a downward one. In some cases, it may even show a combination of all of these.


A visible and troublesome congenital curvature is estimated in 2% of the global male population. However, studies show that about 30% of the men, show some minor curvature in their penis, which goes unnoticed.


Although congenital penile curvature may look similar to  Peyronie’s disease, it doesn’t involve the formation of scar tissues in the coverings of the erectile chambers, as in the case of latter. And most importantly, the curvature does not change over time as in the case of Peyronie’s disease.


Understanding Congenital Penile Curvature


Although the actual reason for the penile curvature is unknown, urologists in Dubai suggest that it is related to the unequal growth of the erectile chambers on both sides of the penis. In most cases, congenital penile curvature is mild and does not affect the sexual performance of the individual.

The curvature may point towards any direction, but the most commonly seen bend is a downward curve. This results in difficult penetrative intercourse. In cases of severe curvature, the condition causes pain and difficulty for both the affected individual as well as their partner, leading to unsatisfactory intercourses.

Men with the condition may also feel embarrassed due to the abnormal appearance of their penis which can cause high-stress levels.


Treating Congenital Penile Curvature


Congenital penile curvature with minor degrees of curvature can be treated using penile injections. Platelet Rich Plasma injections can correct a curvature less than 20 degrees. The PRP is harvested from the patient’s body and injected back on to the penis to aid in the growth of tissues on the smaller erectile chamber.


Urologists suggest a surgical correction for all individuals with a penile curvature higher than 20 degrees. An experienced urologist can correct the curvature through plication of the shorter side of the penis.


For more information on the treatments, consult your urologist in Dubai today.