Today, we witness that the medical industry is widespread with a range of medical sectors including gynaecology, urology, andrology and many more. In the traditional time, people used to fear to speak about medical health conditions which are slightly sensitive as they believed that there is probably no solution and other people are going view them through a different perception. However, with the changing times, people have adapted and accepted many conditions and have also discovered treatments that will eliminate these conditions.

For instance, today we have clinics where doctors solely specialise in urology and andrology. In fact, there are several intricate medical conditions related to the urinary and reproductive system which can certainly complicate people’s life. If you think you could be a victim of any of these medical conditions, Dr. Shawket Alkhayal, one of the best urology doctors in Dubai can indeed provide the ideal treatment.

With the evolving technology, medical experts have introduced a new treatment by using advanced machines to provide a cure that is extremely safe and of optimum quality. The Magneto System is developed with functional magnetic stimulation which will help in treating male urinary and faecal incontinence. This generally targets the pelvic muscle that contracts without the need of any electrodes.

This treatment can benefit many people who have urology conditions including erectile dysfunction and pains generally in the pelvis, prostate or in the lower back. If you have just undergone a surgery in the urinary system, there are chances that you might have a pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation. In such cases, this treatment can be extremely beneficial. At times, people are not capable of controlling their urge to urinate or have conditions like premature ejaculation and stress incontinence.

The basic symptoms for urinary incontinence generally depend on the condition or the atmosphere. For instance, some people tend to release urine unintentionally when they are under pressure or in a stressful environment. The main cause for this could be due to weak muscles that are not capable of controlling the bladder from releasing urine.

What to expect during the treatment?

Unlike long surgeries and treatment that involve immense pain, functional magnetic stimulation is a procedure that does not require any special preparation before the treatment. Depending on the specific needs of the patient, our specialists would brief you regarding the procedure so that they are well aware of the condition and know what is coming their way.

Throughout the therapy, the patient will be clothed and will be required to stay relaxed. Even though the terminologies might sound intimidating, it is quite a simple process which is painless, invasive, and leaves no traces of any side-effects. As sessions progress, you will be able to see the results. In fact, it would happen in such a short period of time, that you would not realise that you have already gotten rid of the condition.

Our expert doctors have many years of experience in the urology sector of the medical industry and will ensure that the highest safety measures will be adopted, both during and post the treatment. So, why not consult us and get treatment from the best urologist in Dubai?