Numerous couples wish that their special day should be filled with utmost joy and happiness. Starting from the wedding dress, hair, makeup, invitations, decorations, flowers, and venue, everything has to go smoothly. However, have you ever thought about doing a pre-marital check-up? This blog will give you more insight into its importance.

What is a pre-marital health check-up?

This is also known as premarital screening. On a general basis, this is a test that is conducted for soon-to-be-married couples so that they can identify and resolve all health issues like any injury to genetic blood diseases. Some of them include sickle-cell anemia and infections like Hepatitis B, C.

Why are pre-marital check-ups important?

This examination will provide a detailed report on the chances of transmitting any diseases. Through a medical consultation, the doctors will be able to provide alternative solutions to prevent such conditions. In fact, this will help you plan a perfect family without any medical complications.

For instance, if your fiancé has high blood pressure or cholesterol, you can slowly develop an effective nutrition chart that can be followed. This way, you do not have to get accustomed to the changes, all at once. Instead, you can take your time in planning and preparing effective solutions to curb these medical conditions.

The right time to conduct this test

There is no fixed time to conduct this test. You can do this at your convenience. However, ideally, you could probably go for a medical test, six months prior to your wedding date so that you can slowly start getting used to these changes.

The conditions to be checked

Generally, it is advisable to go for a blood test and a haemoglobin analysis. This is done to identify any traces of blood abnormalities such as any thalassemia traits. Secondly, you could go for a test where your Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) is conducted which will help in analysing the inflammation process.

If you are considering having a baby, going for the blood type and Rhesus factor test would be essential. This test will help in identifying the blood type of the baby. A Urine test is another key medical analysis that will help in monitoring kidney functions and other diseases that is closely associated with the urinary tract.

You should go for a blood-sugar test that will identify any underlying symptoms of diabetes mellitus. Additionally, make sure to go for HBsAg which is necessary for testing the effects or causes of Hepatitis B.

Lastly, we also have the TORCH test that is conducted to detect any infections that are caused by Toxoplasma parasite, Rubella virus, Cytomegalovirus, and Herpes. This is very important as it can lead to defects in your foetus and premature babies.

Overall it is necessary to take these tests as prevention is always better than cure. So, what do you think? Take a pre-marital test in Dubai for a healthy lifestyle today.