This two bean-shaped organs in your body filter and purify your blood day in and day out. Ever wondered how much work a kidney works in a day? Healthy kidneys are known to filter about half a cup of blood every minute, removing all sort of wastes and extra water in your body to produce urine. So what steps should you take to keep this hardworking organ healthy? Our urologist suggests the following steps to take care of your kidneys-


Blood Pressure & Kidney Health

High blood pressure is a threat to your kidney’s health. If the blood pressure is high, it puts undue pressure on your kidneys and stressing it. If this continues, it can lead to serious kidney malfunctions in the long run.

For keeping your kidneys healthy, keep your blood pressure under check.


Effect Of Diabetes

High blood sugar levels can also negatively impact your kidneys. This is why people suffering from diabetes are instructed to keep their sugar levels under check and regularly check their kidney functioning as well.


Use Medications Carefully

If you are under medication to treat some health condition, take your medicines as instructed and prescribed by your physician. Urologists have observed the long-time effects of medicines like over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen and prescriptions containing lithium having a negative impact on the kidneys.


Diet & Fitness

Proper diet and fitness can help keep your kidneys fine and functioning. Exercise to keep your weight under check as these are factors that affect your kidney functioning.

There are certain types of food you must avoid to keep your kidneys healthy. For instance, too much salt can be potentially risky. If you consume more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium a day, then you are in for trouble. A large amount of potassium is also unhealthy for people with week kidneys. Canned foods are also a high source of sodium, which must also be avoided to keep your kidneys fit.


Water Intake

Drinking enough water is very important for kidney functioning. Excess water will always leave the body through the urine. However, if you drink less water, it will stress out your kidneys, leading to the formation of concentrated mineral deposits or kidney stones. A pale yellow or clear urine shows that you are drinking enough water. However, dark yellow urine usually suggests that you must intake more.


Smoking & Drinking

Smoking is a complete no-no for your kidney health. Smoking increases the blood pressure which in turn can stress your kidneys. Even pressure medications cannot nullify the effects of smoking. So if your health is a top priority, it is high time to stop smoking.

Alcohol intake, on the other hand, must be restricted. For healthy kidney functioning, women should have no more than one drink and men must stop at two.


Early diagnosis is the key to treating any possible kidney malfunctioning. This is why urologists recommend regular checkups for people who are at higher risks of contracting diseases. Consult your urologist  today for a complete renal checkup.